8 Week Post-Rehab Accelerator

One to One Integration Program + 8 Week LIVE Online Program

Uplevel in 8 key areas after rehab & ensure you stay on track

Hey, so you're leaving rehab?...

Firstly, well done! You're killing it.

Committing to rehab is a super tough decision. I know, I've been there - and it was LONG overdue!

I'm Gary - founder of RecoveryQuest.

Later I'll share some info about me, our team & our tribes. Also our apps, gamification features & Amazon Gift Card reward program. Plus I'll explain the 8 specific areas where we're supporting & challenging people just like you to actually uplevel after rehab.

But first...

You did it.

You bit the bullet and joined a rehab program...

Hopefully you're feeling great now that you've started to:

Stack some days of sobriety
Understand some things about your alcoholism or addiction
Work on some of the issues from the past

Perhaps you're even starting to feel excited about the future?

But I know these excited feelings are always mixed in with feelings of doubt or concern that things might not go as planned after you leave.

And that's why we're here!

The only thing we do at RecoveryQuest is help people just like you - at exactly your stage of the journey.

Keep reading & I'll explain the cool things I mentioned above - plus don't miss our past clients sharing their personal experiences of life after rehab...

Is This Really For Me?

If you feel...

Nervous at the thought of returning home
Terrified you may relapse and lose everything
Worried triggers may be stronger than imagined
Uneasy about dealing with or facing certain people
Anxious about connecting with local support
Concerned you won't keep up practices "back in the real world"

And would love to...

Know you have all you need ready for you back home
Have on demand answers for all post-rehab challenges
Have tools & rewards that keep you motivated for daily activities
Join a tribe facing the same challenges as you
Take action strengthening relationships back home
Feel healthy again and find new hobbies
Trust yourself in "normal life" without drink or drugs
Show loved ones you can stay sober

...then this is designed for you


We've designed this program and content exclusively for people who have already laid foundations in a rehab program & gained some initial understanding of their addiction or alcoholism.

To maximise the effectiveness of the program, it's essential everyone who joins a RecoveryQuest tribe is at this exact stage.

This program has lots of 1:1 personalised support...

For that reason there are only 8 spaces in each tribe.

Who's behind this course?

Gary O'Neill


Post-Rehab Transition Coach

In long term recovery from cocaine & alcohol addiction
First hand experience as a rehab client
Worked for three leading UK rehabs
Launched and ran a world class rehab in Bali, Indonesia
Worked with '000s of addicts pre, during & post rehab
Presenter on Wehab Podcast

The Coaching Masters Certified

Certified by The Coaching Masters for personal coaching services - Gary knows how to help you achieve your biggest goals and desires



The Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners accreditation held by Gary means you can trust and expect a fully professional service

Former GB

High Diver

As a former Great Britain high diver, Gary is no stranger to embracing challenges, maintaining motivation and overcoming fear

Gary can be seen on...

...want Gary in your corner after rehab?

Dr Terry Spokes

Clinical Psychologist

Chief Brain Geek

Globally respected Clinical Psychologist
Regular speaker and contributor to world leading publications and events
University of Oxford graduate
Has lead public & private UK institutions
Former Managing Director of a world class rehab in Bali, Indonesia
Provides consultancy to rehabs worldwide

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Awarded by University of Oxford

Postgraduate Degree in Neuropsychology

Awarded by University of Glasgow

Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

Awarded by University of Bath

Terry can be seen on...

...how about having Terry in your corner?

Want to hear from people just like you?

Check out what

our clients say...

I automatically felt comfortable with Gary. He spent his time and effort supporting me, guiding me through my recovery plan as I struggled during this stage. I spoke to Gary about my problems and he went above and beyond to help me. Gary is very understanding and a very kind hearted man.

Steven A

Sydney, Australia

You know Gary - when you are talking to people you are so nice and saying so good stuff! It’s really really...you know...you are uplifting people! You should be like a physical happy pill! Like - if you want to feel happy go to Gary and talk to him and you will feel like a new person!

Mona K

Vienna, Austria

The support I have received since leaving treatment has been outstanding. It's been consistent, thorough, highly engaged, genuinely caring and enormously responsive.

I’ve had some big events in life such as seeking out employment, navigating a painful separation, getting a new place to live, and fathering my 3yr old twins; and having this support by my side has helped me to maintain perspective and stay calmer and more grounded throughout the turmoil.

This support has been a critical tool in my ongoing ability to live alcohol free and - to an ever growing degree - live life on life's terms.

It's been a shade under 9 months and, crucially, I've not picked up a drink. If I didn’t plug into this support when I left treatment I can't say with any confidence this would be the case.

Marcus S

Melborne, Australia

Don't miss this...

Here some of our past clients share useful insights from their own experience leaving rehab as well as sharing what it was like working with Gary & Terry

8 spaces. 1 tribe.

Are you in?

Apply now for a chance to secure one of the 8 spots.

Why will this transform my chances?



1 x 30 Minute 1:1 Coaching


Just book in the time that works for you - flexible each week.

1 x 90 Minute Groups


Uplevel your recovery in the weekly group workshop & Q&A session.

Learn, share, get help.

Daily Rapid Challenges


5-10 minutes - complete in your own time and feel like a champion every day

...and totally doable.

Game changing features...

Think of us as your dream team

filling the post-rehab void that so many slip through -

ensuring you stay on track

with an elevated experience of recovery


Mobile & desktop

No travel time

No Covid restrictions

(no problem)


Connected before you leave rehab

- supported every step of the way


Rapid daily individual, partner and group challenges

- we keep you winning

every single day


Stay motivated through gamification

Earn Amazon Gift Cards

(treat yourself or a loved one)


Get one to one support every week for any questions about the program - or anything else related to your recovery


8 weeks

8 areas of wellbeing

8 actionable blueprints

Real growth


Gain strength from your tribe who are just like you - fresh out of rehab and hungry to thrive


Jump forward into resources related to future weekly topics - get support for whatever is affecting you any given day

Which areas of my life will I upgrade?

You'll achieve real life growth in these areas...

Every week we up level in a new area...

you'll build on your knowledge

...and take game changing action


The Craving Crusher

How to use specific actions back home to ensure your safety

- even if the environment you’ve returned to is challenging


The Mentor Manifestor

How to generate multiple local mentors that are right for you

- even if you don’t know what to ask them to get started


The Physical Health Optimiser

How to enhance sleep, fitness and nutrition in one week

- even if you’ve struggled to prioritise these in the past


The Mental Health Mastermind

How to deal with emotional issues on a day to day basis

- even if you’ve relied on numbing yourself in the past


The Relationship Reset Pt1

How to earn back respect and strengthen bonds with the people you value

- even if it is proving more challenging than you thought it was going to be


The Relationship Reset Pt2

How to know what to do about risky relationships

- even if the thought of loneliness feels daunting


The Ritual Rewiring

How to uplevel the practices that you started in rehab

- even after 'real life' has really kicked back in


Maxing Your Life Through Passion and Purpose

How to create purpose, direction and deep fulfilment today

- even if you haven’t fully worked out “who you are” yet!

Preparing you for the course...

Before you start stacking week on week growth

we'll work with you one on one

to lay foundations back home

and make sure you're set up to thrive!

The Recovery Plan Checklist

First we'll help you review your recovery plan and spot any missing factors to consider.

Creating accountability beyond your rehab team also gives you the chance to reaffirm your intentions.

The Local Support Activator

We'll help you identify the specific sources of support you plan to connect with -

And be on hand to encourage whilst you activate that plan.

The Momentum Maintainer

We'll share some key tips & tricks to maintain your activity levels and keep recovery as your #1 priority -

And we'll coach you 1:1 through any early struggles that come up.

Here's exactly what you'll get...

8 Week Post-Rehab Accelerator

1:1 discovery call

Integration program & 1:1 support

Gamification platform + rewards

8 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls

8 x 90 minute live workshops

Fast-Forward feature & content

8 x action blueprint workbooks

56 x motivational "rapid challenges"

Tribe chat groups

Bonus Time...

Apply to join the program now

If your application is successful...

We'll include all of these bonus'

How to...do ANYTHING after rehab!

We surveyed addicts around the world and asked them what they wish they had asked before they left rehab. Most questions are covered in the course. We created micro-modules for the top remaining ones here.

Lifetime access to course recordings


Jump back into the content - at any stage in your future recovery journey.

Personal accountability partner

You'll be partnered with another tribe member - and we'll guide you to support each other's success.

Course completion online party

What? A party?


You and your tribe...

Celebrating success!


“We designed this for people at exactly your stage of recovery.

It's totally doable, it's fun & it's going to ensure your chance of succeeding after you leave rehab.

Based on global research, personal rehab experience plus years of recovery & professional experience, this will transform your chance of success - and we even give you a money back guarantee!

What are you waiting for?

Let's go!”


If you're not totally satisfied in the first 7 days we'll refund your full payment.

(no questions asked)

I love this! Do you have a job for me?

Want a freedom based career helping others?

We will be creating opportunities for some of our tribe members to join the RecoveryQuest team & mission - increasing rates of long term recovery and experiences of life post-rehab.

Our tribe members understand first hand the value of what we’re doing
You’re the perfect candidates to support the tribe members that follow you
We can keep you updated with any new opportunities to join the team

This is the last time we will show you this button...

If you don't click and apply now...

You probably never will.

Hope to see you on the inside!

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